Whether it’s for valentine’s day weekend or any time at all, planning a top secret getaway for your beloved is always a good idea.

Here are 6 tips to help you stress less as you plan.

1. Get the best friend involved.

Don’t try to plan it alone! Ask where your sweetie has mentioned wanting to go. The best friend can help mine ideas of cuisines or activities your loved one has been dying to try. This helps you avoid giving your sweetheart any “hints” that you have something up your sleeve.

2. Pack something perfect.

Pack something your love has worn recently (so you know they like it and it fits) but bring something exciting and or maybe gift something new to add to it – maybe a new scarf or baseball hat – or if you’re in the mood for dressing up a new piece of jewelry or tie.

3. PLEASE, don’t forget the essentials.

You know, toothbrush, any medications. Nothing ruins a surprise like morning breath or a medical issue! Walk through your morning and night routines and take stock of what your sweetie uses. And, think broadly about essentials. Give your partner a couple options for a night out and pack layers for changes in weather.

4. And, don’t forget what you’re leaving behind!

Make sure you have solid plans for anything or anyone your love may be leaving behind—arrange accommodations for the kitty cat or dog. Ask Grandma to keep the kids. Be sure to tell anyone who might need to check in advance to contact you to keep the surprise. Bonus: You’ll be seen as ever-so-thoughtful for thinking about every little detail.

5. Plan, map, maybe pack a blindfold.

Make a full plan for the entire weekend, map out where you are going and make reservations. Nothing ruins a surprise more than a long wait at a popular restaurant. Then, use that blindfold throughout the weekend for extra fun suspense.

5. But, be flexible.

Don’t be frustrated or afraid if your sweetie decides they are uncomfortable with any part of your carefully thought out master plan. Just be flexible—the whole idea is to have FUN with the one you love. If they want Mexican and you planned for Italian, no big deal. And, if you stay in the hotel room the whole weekend and don’t do any of the horseback riding or golfing you planned? You’ll probably still have a whole lotta fun.

Be sure to tell me all about your surprise!

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