On Monday, the “birthday Girl’s” REAL Birthday, we celebrated Kelsie’s 5th Birthday!

When each child walked into the party they were escorted to the backyard…hmmm wonder why?? Next they received a blank apron with a paintbrush. The aprons hanging also acted as decor.

There were caddies set up with all sorts of art supplies – paints, more paint brushes, fabric markers to decorate aprons, and there were even a blank canvas for each child to make their own “Picasso worthy” piece of art to take home.

The Birthday Girl was having such a great time we couldn’t catch her eyes for long enough to see her big brown eyes…I guess that’s a sign of a successful party!

It’s safe to say that all the kiddos had a great time painting..even on themselves..

..and what would a party be without some sweet treats? Tasty custom art cake and some rice krispie “paint brushes”