Well, I ended 2013 by bringing in the new. A fresh new look and website for Liz Colhoun Events! I can’t wait to share all the nitty gritty behind the branding, but let’s just say for now, I’m thrilled. It was a year-long project and my big goal for the year. I’m patting myself, and my team, on the back for starting 2014 all shiny and new!

I wanted to share some of my big resolutions this year to inspire you…and to hold myself accountable. If I put it out there, I’m more likely to do it. Because I’m an organizer by trade, I broke my goals into two categories: Getting & Planning.

Get connected.

More and more event planning and life style conversations are happening online and on social media. I’m excited to be a part of it. This blog? It’s going to be big and bold and full of inspiration. I can’t wait to share all the fun projects I’ve been working on and will work on this year. Follow along on Twitter & Pinterest.

Get networked.

I think there’s such power when people find support from others in similar lines of work. I am looking forward to reaching out to people in the industry to continue building community. *Is there something specific we can mention, a conference or event you’re going to that will have all these folks?

Get curious.

Building a business can mean spending a lot of time looking in, looking back, and looking forward. I’ve declared 2014 is going to be a year of outward exploration and inspiration. I want to go to new places and am making a point to travel. Let’s see the way our world celebrates and creates! Where’s one place you can’t wait to go?

Plan to celebrate.

One place I’m daydreaming about is a trip to Chicago to meet the branding team for Liz Colhoun. No more Skype and phone calls. We girls need to clink glasses and hug! Where’s the best place to celebrate in the Windy City?

Plan to plan.

I also became a mom this past July when we welcomed Robert Wells. So that means I have about 6 months to plan the most epic birthday party for my new son. Follow along on Pinterest, too, as I’m sure I’ll go crazy pinning ideas and inspiration. What made your kiddo’s first birthday spectacular?

Plan to clean. (sigh)

Plan to, someday, clean out my own closet. I have some great ideas I’m excited to share with you on how to make your everyday life both styled & practical. Here are 5 tips to start a closet overhaul I shared that I can, and should, do too. 

How do you organize your resolutions? What’s your big goal for the year?